Contact Phone List

Each contact, whether a company or person, may have one or more phone numbers associated with it. This list holds all the phone numbers for all contacts. It can be viewed as a child list to the Contacts List window.

Field Display Speed Description
Contact Name Normal The name of the contact the phone number is for.
Phone Number Normal The phone number itself. You can enter a phone number in any format you like and Fusion will not modify it.
Is Primary Normal If the contact has more than one phone number, this will designate the primary one which is the one Fusion will automatically use in lists and reports.
Note Normal You can add a note explaining more about the phone number. For example, you might explain that it is the contact's cell phone or work phone. You might enter a note explaining not to call this number after a certain hour.

Parent Lists

This list can be a child window (or inlined report) for the following:

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