Change Pen Weight Events List Window

This window is where all the manual pen weight changes are listed.

This window has the following menu buttons available. (See the List Windows topic to learn more about list windows in general.)

Getting Here

You can open this window by going to Fusion Core → Events → List Change Pen Weight Events or Fusion Chuteside → Events → List Change Pen Weight Events.

List Description

Fusion automatically adjusts every pen's weight each night. This is done based on the settings of the principle lot in the pen, usually with NRC equations and based on the feed consumption of the previous day. When animals are moved to different pens, Fusion automatically adjusts the pen's weights. It also does this when in and out cohorts affect the weight of pens. However, there may times when you need to manually adjust the weight of a pen using the Change Pen Weight function. When this happens, a record of the change is kept in this list.

Field Display Speed Description
Date Normal The date and time the weight change happened.
User Name Normal The user who made the change.
Entity Description Normal A description of the entity that was changed. Normally this will be a pen, but it is possible to change the weight of one lot in a multi-lot pen and this would show that.
Count Normal The number of animals in the entity for which the weight was changed.
Previous Weight Normal The weight of the entity before the change was made.
New Weight Normal The weight of the entity after the change was made. Note that if only part of the pen has its weight updated, the average pen weight will be updated but won't likely be the same value as this field unless the other entities in the pen are also the same weight.
Note Normal You can enter a note explaining why the weight change was necessary when making the change and it will be stored here.
Event Date Normal The date the weight change occurred.
Event Time Normal The time of the weight change.
Location Normal The location of the pen where the weight change was made.
Pen Normal The pen where the weight change was made.
Lot Normal If only part of a pen is having its weight changed, this will be the lot of those animals.
Did Specify All Normal When making a weight change, you can enter the number of animals to make the change for. Normally you do this for all animals and a button makes it easy to do this. This field records whether the user asked Fusion to do it for all animals or not.

Parent Lists

This list can be a child window (or inlined report) for the following:

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