Change Pen Weight Window

This window is used to change the weight of a pen. Fusion keeps automatically adds weight to each pen each night based on the weight gain rules you set up for each lot in a pen. If this is not accurate enough, or if a pen's weight is incorrect for some other reason, use this window to set a new weight.

The entity and count fields specify which animals will be part of this weight change (you can change the weight for only a portion of animals in a pen). See Entity Chooser for more information on these fields.

Making the Change

When the information is entered correctly, click the Update Weight button. Click the Cancel button if you change your mind.

tip icon If you need to change the historical weight for a pen, see Pen's Lots List Window.

Getting Here

You can open this window by going to Fusion Core → Events → Change Pen Weight or Fusion Chuteside Main Menu → Options → Change Current Weight.

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