Move Animals Window

This window is used to move animals between pens. Make sure you understand the Animals and Linking section in Core Concepts before using this window. Also, it is important to enter moves in Fusion as they occur. You can't wait until the next day or enter movements in a different order than they really happened.

The entity and count fields specify which animals will be part of this move. See Entity Chooser for more information on these fields.

In the upper right hand corner of the window are two fields that help you see how the movement will affect the count in the new pen.

Moving Feed

If a pen has received feed before the move, you may want Fusion to take some or all of the feed with these animals to the new pen. When Fusion does billing and other reporting, it does so based on where cattle were at at the end of each day. For example, imagine that pen 12 has some cattle in it and they were fed in the morning and they ate all the feed. If they were moved to pen 15 in the afternoon, the feed that was fed to pen 12 would end up getting billed to whatever cattle you moved into pen 12 later that day (or no cattle at all if the pen stayed empty for the rest of the day).

To overcome this situation, you can tell Fusion how much feed to move with the animals. Internally, Fusion moves and/or splits one or more deliveries between the two pens. Also note that Fusion only knows about and deals with feed deliveries the server knows about when this window is opened, so you need to make sure the trucks are syncing information as often as possible.

By default, Fusion will set the percentage of feed to be moved based on the number of animals you are moving. If you were moving 50 animals out of a pen with 100 animals in it, Fusion would set the percentage to 50%. You can change this to whatever makes sense by dragging the slider. For example, you might know that even though a feed delivery was made to a pen, the cattle were actually moved before the delivery so you would set the percentage to 0%. To help you figure out the correct percentage, Fusion shows both the percentage of animals that are being moved as well as the actual amount of feed that will be moved to the new pen. These values are shown to the right of the slider.

You can click the Default Feed Percentage button to have Fusion reset the slider to the default position based on the head count being moved.

Movement Rules

If you are moving cattle into an empty pen, Fusion will take the bunk call history of the current pen and add it to the empty pen. If you are moving cattle into a pen with cattle in it, even if there is only one animal in it, the bunk call history from the current pen will not move to the new pen. The new pen will retain its existing history.

Making the Move

When the information is entered correctly, click the Move Animals button. Note that you cannot undo a move, although you can move the animals in the reverse direction if you need—but you may need to reset the bunk call if you do. Click the Cancel button if you change your mind.

Getting Here

You can open this window by going to Fusion Core → Events → Move Animals or Fusion Chuteside Main Menu → Move Animals.

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