Move Events List Window

This window is where all the pen moves are listed. This includes manual moves and moves that are made as a result of chuteside jobs when that option is turned on and used.

This window has the following menu buttons available. (See the List Windows topic to learn more about list windows in general.)

Getting Here

You can open this window by going to Fusion Core → Events → List Move Events or Fusion Chuteside → Events → List Move Events.

List Description

Each time animals are moved between pens, either manually or from a chuteside job, a move event is created in this list to record the move. Note that these moves are primarily concerned with the number of animals that move from pen to pen. However, you are encouraged, where possible, to correctly link individual animals to each move so that Fusion can not only update the number in each pen, but also the pen the individual animals think they are in.

Field Display Speed Description
Date Normal The date and time the move occured.
Move Date Normal The date the move occured.
Move Time Normal The time the move occured.
User Name Normal The user who made the move.
Entity Description Normal A textual description of what was moved. It will describe the pen, lot, and sublot (as necessary) that was moved.
To Pen Normal This is the pen the animals were moved to.
Moved Count Normal The number of animals that were moved.
Did Specify All Normal Will be "Yes" if the user just asked that all animals in the pen be moved without specifying an exact number.
Move Type Normal This field tells how the move was made. It will be "Pen Move" if the Move Animals window was used to manually move them. It will be "Chuteside Job" if the move was made as a result of a chuteside job. Note that a chuteside job only creates actual move events in this list if you set the job up to do so. Otherwise it only updates an individual animal's current pen fields but doesn't adjust the official count in pens.
Note Normal A note can be associated with each move.
Location Normal The location where the move occured.
From Pen Normal The name of the pen the animals were moved from.
Lot Name Normal If all the animals that were moved were from the same lot, this field will show name of that lot. Otherwise it will be blank.
To Pen Count Before Move Normal This is the number of animals in the pen the animals were moved to just prior to the move.
Made Home For Linked Animals Normal When animals are linked to a move event, Fusion will update the Current Pen field in the animal list. There is also an option to determine whether the Home Pen field in the animal list is updates as well. If that option was turned on when the move happened, this fields will be "Yes".
Feed Weight Moved (lb) Normal When a move event is created manually, there is an option to move a portion of the feed assigned the pen that day. This essentially splits feed deliveries as if some or all of them were delivered to the new pen. This field will show the actual amount of feed (as fed basis) that was moved.

When Fusion does this, it starts with the most recent feed delivery the server is aware of and either splits it or changes the pen as if it were delivered to the new pen. If more deliveries are needed to match the desired weight, Fusion will then walk through earlier deliveries in reverse chronological order.
Feed Percentage Moved Normal This is the percentage of feed that was moved. The percentage is based on the amount of feed the server knew had been delivered to the pen at the time this event was created. This means that if more deliveries had been made to the pen but not synced back to the server yet, they would not be included in this information.
Chuteside Job Normal If the move was made as the result of a chuteside job, this will be the job ID.

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