Bulk Lock Inventory Window

As explained in the Inventory section of Core Concepts, there are times when you want to lock the inventory level for an item on a particular day. For example, you may have taken an actual inventory and need to adjust the inventory levels. You can lock the beginning inventory for a day using the daily inventory windows or, if you need to do many items at the same time, with this window.

tip icon Our recommended practice for adjusting inventory after a real inventory is taken is to create an offset for each item first and then locking in the beginning balance. The reason for this is that if you just lock the beginning balance there will not be a record of why it is locked. With an offset you record the reason for the adjustment.

To use this window, first set up the type, location, and date you will be dealing with.

You will now see a list of items below. Double-Click in the Beginning Balance column to change a value. When you tab out of this column, Fusion will automatically turn on the Select column checkbox, but you can also change this yourself. When you have Fusion do the lock, it will do so for any item where the Select field is turned on. If you want to select all the items at once, hold down the Alt (Option on Mac) when you click one of the checkboxes in the Select column and they will all change.

If you prefer to start with the current beginning balances, click the gear button and choose Get Current Balances. Fusion will put the current beginning balance for every item in the Beginning Balance column. You can also select the Clear Balances option under the gear button if you want to reset them all to zero.

When you have changed the beginning balance and set the Select column for the items you want to change, click the Lock Balance For Selected Items button and Fusion will put the locks in place.

Recommended Steps For Inventory Adjustment

As mentioned in the tip above, we recommend using offsets in combination with locking for better record management. If you need to adjust the inventory for any items, we recommend these steps:

  1. Create an offset record for each item to adjust the balance in the appropriate way. This will make the end balance for the day you make the offset true to reality.
  2. Lock in the beginning balances for the day after for these items. (You can only lock beginning balances, not ending balances, and the beginning balance for the day after will be the same as the ending balance for the day of the offset.) To do this, use this window by
  3. Choose the item type, location, and enter the lock date.
  4. Have Fusion get all the beginning balances.
  5. Alt (Option on Mac) click a checkbox in the Select column to turn all the items on. Alternatively, just select the ones you need to lock.
  6. Click the Lock Balance For Selected Items button.

Getting Here

You can open this window by going to Fusion Core → Lots → Lot Center.