Inventory Thresholds Window

This window is used to show you items where inventory levels are low. The window calculates the threshold based on the principles discussed in the Inventory section of Core Concepts and your inventory related settings for each item as discussed in Commodity/Ingredient Edit Window, Drug Edit Window, and Input Edit Window.

To use the window, use the fields at the top to determine which items you care to look at.

At the bottom of the list there are some options that determine which items are shown based on how close they are to hitting their threshold. For example, maybe you only care to see items that will hit their threshold today. If you want to filter the list this way, make sure the Only show items within option is turned on and you have entered the correct number of days.

Let's look at each column in the list:

Note that Fusion will show items in the list in red if they are already below their threshold.

Copying To Clipboard

If you click the Copy To Clipboard button, Fusion will copy the list contents exactly as you see them to the system clipboard. You can then paste the list into a spreadsheet for further use.


If you would like to print a copy of the list, click the Print button. Fusion will print the list exactly as it is seen, so if you want to change the sort order, make sure you do that by clicking the appropriate column header before printing. By default, Fusion will print the report in black and white, but you can have it print in color by turning on the Print In Color option before printing. This just makes sure that any rows that are red in the list will be printed red as well (assuming you have a color printer, of course).

Getting Here

You can open this window by going to Fusion Core → Inventory → Inventory Thresholds.

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