Lot's Pens List Window

This window is used to give a quick overview of where your cattle are in the feedlot from a lot's perspective. It is similar to the Pen's Lot List window. You can also see where cattle were in the feedlot as of midnight on any day in history.

On the left, you will see a list of lots along with some information about each lot. When you select a lot, you will see a list of pens the lot is in on the right hand side, along with information about each pen/lot combination. If you select a pen, you will see information about the sublot itself in the list below. This is one of the few places where sublot information is exposed in Fusion and we do this so you can manually change the weight for animals over a time period to fix mistakes. This is explained more below.

If you Double-Click a lot, the Lot Edit window for the lot will open. If you Double-Click a pen, the Pen Edit window will open for the pen.

As you work with these lists, you can click column headers to sort the list by the different columns. You can also Right-Click any column header to find options for printing and exporting each list individually.


To generate a report based on the lots in the list (and their current order), click the Reportā€¦ button. Choose Print Report to send the report to the printer or Copy Report To Clipboard to put it in your clipboard where you can easily paste it into a spreadsheet.

The report will print each lot and, for each lot, the pens that it is in, in the same order you currently have them listed in the window.

Changing Weights

On rare occasions you may need to go back and change the historical weights of a lot. The process for doing so is:

  1. Enter the date for the weight change in the Date field.
  2. Select the lot you want to change the weight of.
  3. Select the pen within the lot you want the weight change for.
  4. Double-Click the weight in the Weight column of the sublot list.
  5. Enter the correct weight for the pen/lot combination on this date and click OK.

You would repeat this process for each day where the weight needs to be changed. Generally the only time this is necessary is if someone created an in cohort where the weight was way off and the correction didn't happen within the first few days. If you are careful to enter in cohort weights that are at least close to the correct weight, you should be fine.

Getting Here

You can open this window by going to Fusion Core → Lots → Lot's Pens List.

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