Lot Center Custom Column Window

One of the columns that is displayed in the main list of the Lot Center window is labeled Custom Column. There is a lot of information in the detail area of the Lot Center window that can't really be added to this list because it is another dimension of data (ie. it doesn't fit in a two-dimensional list). However, it would be nice to be able to at least compare some of these values across lots. This window allows you to choose one such value to place in the Custom Column for comparison purposes.

When you change the contents of the Custom Column, it will be changed for everyone using Fusion at your feedlot. It will continue to show the type of information you have chosen until someone chooses something else.

Choosing the Information to Show

The first step is to choose the area the information comes from. You do this by selecting an area in the Area list. When you select an area, the Element list will show all the possible elements in that area.

Next choose the element you want to be placed in the Custom Column. Depending on the element you choose, there may be an additional field or list shown to the right to specify more particularly what will be shown.

As you choose the different options, Fusion will show what information will be shown in the Custom Column at the bottom of the window. When you have chosen the information you want shown, click the Change button. If you change your mind, click the Cancel button.


Here are a couple of examples of what you can show in the Custom Column for each lot for comparing to help you understand the possibilities of this function.

Getting Here

You can open this window by using the Custom Column menu button in the Lot Center window.

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