Sublot List

A sublot is an internal mechanism to keep track of the animals in a pen/lot combination. It is exposed in a small way as a child window to the Lot Center window and the Pen list window as it can help in creating some kinds of reports. (You can also see sublots in the Pen's Lot List window and the Lot's Pen List window.)

Field Display Speed Description
Identifier Normal This is a unique identifier for this sublot. Fusion has several ways of determing the name and it cannot be changed.
Pen Normal The pen the sublot is currently in. A sublot can only be in one pen at a time.
Lot Normal The lot the animals in the sublot are from. A sublot can never have animals from different lots in it.
Current Count Very Slow The current count in this sublot.
Current Weight Very Slow The current weight of this sublot.
Actually Weighed Percent Very Slow If someone manually updated a pen's weight for the day, the percentage of the sublot's cattle that were affected by that manual change is reflected here. This information is given so you can easily see where weights are increasing naturally and were they may have been corrected and to what degree.
Actual DMI/animal Today Very Slow The actual feed intake on an dry matter basis (per animal) assigned to this sublot today.
Total Actual DMI Today Slow The total feed intake on an dry matter basis assigned to this sublot today.

Parent Lists

This list can be a child window (or inlined report) for the following:

Child Lists

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