Global Notes Window

Fusion provides a way of creating a global note for a day. You can enter anything you like in global notes. For example, some people use it to record the fact that a drastic weather change occurred that might affect feed consumption. Global notes can be viewed in this window and they are displayed as part of the note in bunk call graphs as well.

The top part of this window is used to view existing global notes. Enter a date in the Date field to see the global note for that date in the text area below.

If you want to add to a global note, make sure you have entered the correct date in the Date field and then enter the note in the bottom text field (click the gear button to get the touch screen keyboard if you are on a touch screen). When you are finished, click the Save button and Fusion will save the text as a global note. If there is already a global note on that date, Fusion will append what you have typed to the existing note.

Getting Here

You can open this window by going to Fusion Core → Misc → Global Notes.