SSG Fusion Cases

This window can be used to comment and vote on feature requests and bugs related to our products. You can also request that new cases be created. We will often make cases with more votes a higher priority as we add features to Fusion.


In our internal system (which this window connects to), there are four kinds of cases:

Every case is given a case number and a title. We usually simply refer to cases by their number.

Viewing Cases

When you open this window, you will see a list of cases on the left side. The columns show the case type, the case number, how many votes it has, and the title. When you select a case, you will see the case details on the right. The top portion (in purple) will tell you the case status, who created, who it is assigned to, and other similar information. Below that you will see all the comments that have been made regarding the case.

Occasionally a case may have a special comment called the specification comment. It will be shown as the first comment and be in yellow. Sometimes we draw up a specification document for a feature and want input on it before we actually implement a feature. The specification information will be found in this type of comment and we really encourage thoughtful feedback to it.

Searching For Cases

Click the Filter… button to choose from a list of pre-defined filters. These make it easy to quickly see just the cases you've created or voted on, etc. You can also use the search field to enter search terms. If you enter a case number, the case will be shown regardless of the filter that is selected. If you enter other search terms, you will be shown cases where the search terms are in any way related to the case including comments.

If you have used the search field, the cases will be sorted with the highest ranking case (based on how many times the search terms were related to the case) at the top.

Voting and Subscribing

You can vote on any case, even if you haven't added a comment to it. We generally pay more attention to cases with more votes, so we encourage you to vote for the cases that you want us to spend our time on. To vote for a case, make sure the case is selected and then check the Vote field. You can change your mind later by selecting the same case and unchecking the Vote field.

You can also subscribe to any case you are interested in watching. When you are subscribed to a case, you will be notified whenever its status changes in a significant way or when comments are added to it. To subscribe to a case, make sure it is selected and then check the Subscribe field. Fusion checks once a day to see if you have any new notifications and lets you know by sending an message in the Message Center window. See below to learn how you can view your notifications.

You also have the option to be notified by email. This will ensure you are notified immediately when a change occurs. To do this, make sure the case is selected and check the Email Notify field. Also, make sure your email address is correctly entered.

tip icon We only keep track of one email address for sending notifications to you. If you have subscribed to multiple cases with multiple email addresses, the last email address you subscribe with will always be used by all of them.

To unsubscribe from a case, select the case and uncheck the Subscribe (or just Email Notify) field.

Adding Comments and Attachments

We encourage adding comments to cases. The more people that chime in, the better we can understand the potential affect (good or bad) of proposed changes. There are two ways to add a comment to the selected case:

You will probably usually just enter a comment and send it off. However, if you want to style any part of the comment, select the words you want to style and then right-click them. A menu will appear which can be used to make text bold, change the color and size, etc. If you want to quickly get rid of any styling (often the case if you pasted in some text from another application), click the "clean text" button (clean button).

You can also attach files to a comment by clicking the clean button button. In the window that appears, use the + or - buttons to add or remove files. Fusion will make sure you don't add too many files or too large of files.

It is possible to mark a comment as private by checking the Make This Comment Private checkbox. We do not recommend this is most cases because we want to make sure we are having a public dialog about cases. However, there may be times when you need to send sensitive information related to a case. This might include passwords or sensitive files that you only want people from SSG Fusion Ltd. to see. In those cases you can mark the comment as private. Please note that if we feel it doesn't make sense for a comment to be private, we may change it to be public.

Once you have entered your comment and, optionally, attached files to it, click the Send Comment button to add your comment to the case. Comments are added immediately and you will be able to see your comment in the case information area.

Creating Case Requests

To create a new case request, click the + button. The window will change so that instructions will be on the left side and a large comment area on the right. Note that by default you will be voting and subscribed to any case you create. It is possible to uncheck the voting field if you don't want to vote. However, you cannot uncheck the subscribe field for new cases because we may need to ask for clarification.

Enter the information needed for your case, add attachments if you like, and then click the Submit Request button. We will be notified of the request and will take care of it shortly. From your request we might create a case, add it to a duplicate case, or, if necessary, reject the request. In any case, you will be notified of what happened. If a case is created, your comment will become the first comment associated with the case.


When you open this window, you can see how many notifications you have by looking at the Notifications button in the bottom left. To see the notifications, click the button. You will see a list of notifications which you can mark as read when you are done with them.

Connection Issues

Using this window is a bit like using a web browser. It will only work if you have internet connectivity. Also, it will not work if our internal server, which houses all the case information, is down for some reason. If the window doesn't work, and you have determined that the internet is working fine on your end, we would ask that you try again a little later. If it continues to not work, feel free to contact us so we can look into the issue.

Getting Here

You can open this window by going to Fusion Core → Misc → SSG Fusion Cases.