Recalculate Feed Withdrawals Window

Fusion normally keeps feed related withdrawal dates accurate for each pen on its own. However, if you changed the withdrawal time for an ingredient, you may want to have Fusion recalculate feed related withdrawals for a specified amount of time in the past. This window is used to accomplish this purpose.

Enter the date range that needs to be recalculated for in the Date Range To Recalculate For fields. Don't include more dates than necessary as this can take some time to complete. When the dates are entered, click the Recalculate button and Fusion will recalculate this information for the selected pens.

Note that this window is just figuring out the base feed withdrawal dates for each pen for each date in the time period. You should use the Modify → Recalculate Withdrawals For Selected Animals function in the Animal List window on animals that may be affected by this. Update the animal withdrawals after the pen based feed withdrawals are finished updating.

Click the Cancel button if you change your mind.

Getting Here

You can open this window by clicking the Recalculate Withdrawals menu button in the Pen List window.

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