Recalculate Pen Weight Window

This window is used to have Fusion recalculate daily weight gain for a pen from some date forward. In most cases you would use this to recalculate daily weights from a date up until the current date. However, if you choose a date far enough back, you probably only want to change the daily weights up until the pen was emptied. When the window is opened, Fusion starts at the initial date and separates the pen's history into one or more date ranges based on when a pen was emptied. It will also show the principle lot in the pen as it was the first day of the date range.

You can decide which date ranges you want the recalculation to happen for by checking or unchecking in the Recalculate column. To change the initial weight for a date range, Double-Click in the Initial Weight column.

When you have set up the date ranges the way you want, click the Recalculate button. Fusion will then recalculate the daily growth for each checked date range and the average weight for the pen and related lots during the date range will be updated.

Getting Here

You can open this window by Right-Clicking a pen and choosing Recalculate Weights for Pen… in the Pen's Lot List window.

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