Bulk Add Inputs Window

Inputs can be given to individual animals in a chuteside job or to groups of animals using the Input Event Edit window, but if you are giving an input to several groups of animals at the same time, especially using a touch screen, you should use this window which makes this process easier. A good example of when to use this window is when you are recording input items, such as bedding, that are given to pens of animals.


Before you record any items, you need to set the window up so Fusion knows what input you are giving and to who it is being given. There are so other items that can be set up to make the process faster on a touch screen.

When the above fields have been set up, click the Fill List button. Fusion will fill the list with current pens or lots and assign the default amount to each of them. It will also select the first pen or lot so you can start changing amounts.

Changing Amounts

With a pen or lot selected, you can change the Amount Delivered column value in two ways. It is usually easiest to tap the arrow buttons in the Nudge area of the window. Each time you tap an arrow, the amount will increment or decrement by the amount you have entered in the Nudge Amount field. This method is usually easiest, but if you need to enter an amount that is a long way from the current amount, you can enter it directly by clicking the Change Amount button.


Since selecting items in a list and scrolling aren't easy on a touch screen, this window provides to arrow buttons in the Scroll area. Tapping a button will move the selection to the next or previous pen or lot, allowing you to walk down the list as you make amount changes with ease.

Saving Changes

When you have entered the correct amount for each pen or lot, click the Save button. Internally, Fusion will create an input event for each pen or lot where the Amount Delivered is not zero.

If you change your mind, click the Cancel button.

Getting Here

You can open this window by going to Fusion Feed → Events → Bulk Add Inputs, Fusion Chuteside → Events → Bulk Add Inputs, or Fusion Chuteside Main Menu → Bulk Add Inputs.

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