Input Events List Window

This window is where all the input events (when an animal or groups received a input) are listed.

This window has the following menu buttons available. (See the List Windows topic to learn more about list windows in general.)

Getting Here

You can open this window by going to Fusion Feed → Events → List Input Events or Fusion Chuteside → Events → List Input Events.

List Description

When a chuteside job is finalized, an input event will be created for each input given to each animal during the job. These drug events are shown in this list. Also, it is possible to manually create an input event to record inputs given to a group of animals either one at a time or using the Bulk Add Inputs window.

Field Display Speed Description
Input Normal The name of the input given.
Event Type Normal An input can be given to an individual animal or to different groups of animals. The possible allocation types are: Animal (an individual animal during a chuteside job), Lot (billing will be assigned to the entire lot), Pen (billing will be divided among the lots in the pen at the time of the event in a proportional way), In Cohort (billing will be assigned the lot eventually assigned the in cohort), Out Cohort (billing will be assigned to the lot the out cohort belongs to), and Sublot (the billing will be assigned to the lot the sublot belongs to).
Location Normal The location the input was given at.
Date Normal The date the input was given.
Time Normal The time the input was given.
User Normal The user who gave input or entered the input event.
Amount Normal The amount of the input given in distribution units. For example, if the input is straw, and the distribution unit for straw is bales and the billing unit for straw is tonnes, this field will record the number of bales, not tonnes.
Chuteside Batch ID Normal If the input was given during a chuteside job, this will be the job batch number.
Units Normal The distribution units for the input.
Entity Affected Very Slow Describes the entity affected, whether it be a pen, a lot, etc.
Lot(s) Normal Will show the names of all the lots affected by this event.
Cost Amount Slow The total dollars (Cost) for this input event. This is calculated on the fly for the input, date, and location.
Bill At Amount Slow The total dollars (Bill At) for this input event. This is calculated on the fly for the input, date, and location.
Constrain To Lot Slow This field is used only for searching. If used, Fusion will narrow the list to just the input events that were given to the lot specified in the search object.
Billing Category Normal The billing category for this input in this situation. Inputs can have default billing categories. Specific categories can be assigned during a chuteside job. And categories can be changed manually in this list. In some reports in Fusion, dollar values can be rolled up into the different billing categories.

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