Daily Feed Detail Window

This window contains a wealth of information related to the feeding for any day. The top of the window has fields that let you choose the date for which to show the information and what location, truck, and user to restrict the information to.

View By Load Tab

In the top portion of this tab, there is a list of loads made during the day along with information about each load. Most of the columns are self-explanatory, but a few may need additional explanation:

When you select a load, the Ingredients and Feed Deliveries areas will change. The Ingredients area will show how the load was actually made and the Feed Deliveries area will show what pens this load was delivered to.

tip icon If the selected load is a blended load from a delivery only truck, the Ingredients Actual column will have a yellow background and a gear button will appear below the list of ingredients. You can use this button to switch between the loader perspective for this load, which will show the actuals and accuracy as it was when the load was made, and the delivery truck perspective which shows the actuals after the previous load was blended into this one. See Feeding Modes for more information on this blending situation.

If a load or a pen delivery has been edited or was manually created in any way, they will show in red in these lists. To see what was edited or manually entered, Right-Click on the load or delivery and choose View Load Edits or View Delivery Edits. A window will appear listing all the edits that have happened.

If you need to edit a load, Right-Click it and choose Edit Load. A window will appear which will allow you to change the date and target quantity of the load. You can also change the target and actual amounts of each ingredient and add a note. Or you can delete the load. If you delete a load, any associated feed deliveries will also be deleted. (See Load Edit Window.)

If you need to edit a delivery, Right-Click it and choose Edit Delivery. You can then change the date, the associated load, the pen, and the target and actual amounts. You can also delete a delivery. (See Feed Delivery Edit Window.)

You can split a delivery by Right-Clicking it and choosing Split Delivery. Enter the other pen involved and how much of the delivery should have gone to the other pen. This is helpful when someone forgot to hit Record Weight after delivering feed to a pen. (See Split Feed Delivery Window.)

Any edits you make will be attached to the load or delivery for future reference.

View By Pen Tab

This tab shows all the deliveries made during the day, but from the perspective of a pen. Select a pen on the left and all its deliveries will show on the right. If you Right-Click a delivery you can choose to edit the associated load or edit or split the delivery.

Checking the Show Ration Versions checkbox will cause Fusion to show both the ration and version in the Ration column.

Note that the information shown here can change based on the filters set at the top of the window.

Usage Summary

The left side of this tab shows totals for the day for each ration. Here you can see how many loads were made, the total amount loaded, and the total amount delivered. Ideally the last two values should match fairly closely. If it doesn't, it may be an indication of mistakes being made.

The right side shows similar information, but on an ingredient basis. This gives a quick idea of how much ingredient was used on any particular day.

Note that the information shown here can change based on the filters set at the top of the window.

Bunk Call Info Tab

If you make bunk calls in the office you should use this tab instead of trying to use the Bunk Call/Feed Delivery window. This tab has the same information on the left side as is found in the Pen Focus window. The only difference is that here we list all pens with animals in them and Fusion ignores any idea of what feeding pass it is on.

The right side has the same information as the Bunk Call tab in the Bunk Call/Feed Delivery window and is used the same way. As you accept each bunk call, Fusion will automatically select the next pen. See the help for the Bunk Call/Feed Delivery Window for more information on making bunk calls.

warning icon Only the location filter at the top of the window works with this tab. You cannot change the date, truck, or user while on this tab as they don't affect today's bunk calls.

Getting Here

You can open this window by going to Fusion Feed → Feeding → Daily Feed Detail.

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