Loads List Window

This window is where all the loads that have been made are listed.

This window has the following menu buttons available. (See the List Windows topic to learn more about list windows in general.)

Getting Here

You can open this window by going to Fusion Feed → Feeding → List Loads.

List Description

This list contains a record for every load mixed with Fusion.

Field Display Speed Description
Load Number Normal Each load is given a unique ID which should be unique across trucks. Normally it is best to leave this load ID as is, but it can be changed while the load is being mixed if necessary.
Date Normal This is the date of the load.
Start Time Normal This is the time the load starting being mixed. More precisely, this is the time the Mix Load window is first opened.
End Time Normal This is the time when the load was finished being mixed. More precisely, it is when the Mix Load window is closed.
Total Time (min) Normal In this field Fusion calculates the time it took to mix the load based on the Start Time and End Time.
Location Normal The location the load was mixed at. Note that inventory levels will be reduced at this location based on the ingredients that went into the load.
User Normal The user who mixed the load.
Truck Normal The truck the load was mixed in.
Ration Normal The ration that was mixed. Note that you can blend loads from other rations or change rations to fix a mistake. This field records the selected ration, but the load will also remember the exact ingredients that went into the load for billing and other purposes, regardless of the ration name chosen.
Ration Version Normal Since rations can have many different versions as their formulations change over time, this shows the ration version that was current when the load was mixed.
Target Quantity (lb) Normal This is the total target size for the load on an as fed basis.
Actual Quantity (lb) Normal This is the total actual size of the load on an as fed basis.
Target Mix Seconds Normal This is the target mixing time in seconds for the load. This comes from the selected ration.
Actual Mix Seconds Normal This is the actual mixing time in seconds if mixing was recorded.
Load Dry Matter Normal This is the actual dry matter percentage of the load based on actual ingredient quantities and ingredient dry matter percentages at the time the load was made. Note that if you use the ingredient attributes to change dry matter after a load is made, even for a date previous to the load, this field will not change.
Accuracy Normal This field is a calculation showing how accurately the feed was mixed based on the Target Quantity and Actual Quantity fields. 100% would be a perfect load while 95% equates to an under-sized load and 105% equates to an over-sized load. The equation used is Actual Quantity รท Target Quantity * 100. This number refers to the entire load size, not individual ingredients. In other words, if one ingredient is over 100 pounds and another is under 100 pounds, this field might show a perfect load. You can look at the individual ingredients for the load to further determine the accuracy on that level.
Note Normal Each load can have a note, if desired.
Merged With Next Quantity Normal If this load was not fully empty after delivering feed and was blended into the next load, this will be the quantity that was merged into the next load.
Merged From Previous Quantity Normal If part of a previous load was blended into this load, this will be the quantity of the previous load that was blended into this one.
Manual Entry Or Edit? Normal This field will be "Yes" if any of the ingredients in the load were manually recorded or if it was later edited. It will be "No" if not. For old loads before this feature was available, this field will be "Unknown".
Edit History Normal If the load had ingredients that were manually recorded or later edited, this field is used to keep a list of these changes for audit purposes.
Scale Head Name Normal This field shows which scale head was active when the load was being built. More precisely, it is the scale head that is active when the load is saved. This field will be set to "<manual feeding>" for any loads created with the Manual Feed Entry window starting with Fusion 3.4.

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