Manual Feed Entry Window

When something goes wrong and you have to record feed deliveries by hand, this window makes it easy to record those deliveries in Fusion. It is meant to be used from the office.

To enter feed deliveries, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the date you want to make the feed deliveries for. It is strongly recommended you always do this on the same day the feed was actually delivered. If you must record feed for a previous day, you can change the date here, but some of the automatic functionality of Fusion will not be applied. For example, pen weights will not retroactively be changed based on the new feed intake. Also, the current ration version will be used in creating the load regardless of the date you enter.
  2. Select the location and ration you are interested in. A list of pens that match the location and ration will be displayed.
  3. Double-Click to change a delivery amount. Tab to move to the next delivery amount.
  4. Click the Record Deliveries button. This will create a perfect load of the selected ration just big enough to feed the pens with delivery amounts. It will also create the feed deliveries for those pens.
  5. Select the next ration and repeat.

Fusion will remember that the loads and deliveries created with this window were manually entered and they will show up in red in the Daily Feed Detail window.

Adding Pens That Are Not In the List

By default, when a ration is selected only the pens that are currently assigned that ration will be included in the list. You might need to record a feed delivery to an empty pen or to a pen where the ration was changed during the day. You can use the gear button to add these pens. Remember that when you click Record Deliveries, the load made will be based on the selected ration. This may not be the ration currently assigned the pen if you have added it manually.

Gear Button Functions

Besides adding pens, the gear button has two other uses:

Getting Here

You can open this window by going to Fusion Feed → Feeding → Manual Feed Entry.