Mixing Timer Window

With each ration version you can specify an optimum number of seconds that the load should be mixed. This window helps you mix each ration in the most optimum way.

Using the Timer

The Timer window opens automatically when you are ready to add the first ingredient of a load. When you turn on the mixer, click Start to begin the timer. You can also pause and then restart the timer as needed. When you turn the mixer off, click the Finished button and the timer will saved the elapsed time with the load and close the window.

If the ration on the truck is set up to not be mixed, this window will automatically close when the Mix Load window is closed.

Window Background Color

The background of the window will be green until there are only five seconds left. It will then begin flashing red and yellow to get your attention. Once the timer goes below zero, it will stay red.

Window Position

You can move the window to a new position by dragging anywhere in the top half of the window. Fusion remembers where you positioned the window when the Mix Load window was opened and when the Bunk Call/Feed Delivery window was opened. It will also reposition the Timer window when switching between these windows. This way you can find the best place for the Timer window in both situations.

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