Pen Focus Window

The Pen Focus window operates in conjunction with the Bunk Call/Feed Delivery window. Basically, the Bunk Call/Feed Delivery window changes based on the pen selected in the Pen Focus window.

By default, the Pen Focus window will list, in drive order, only the pens that are assigned the ration currently on the truck and that still need feed for the current pass. The first pen is automatically selected when the window is first opened and subsequent pens will automatically be selected as each pen is fed. You can manually select a different pen if you like.

List Columns


Occasionally you may want to view pens in this list that are not currently showing. You can use the Filter popup to do this:


It is possible to feed with several passes. Only pens that have not been fed enough for the current pass will be shown in the list. When you are finished feeding a pass, change it to the next one. Each truck can be on a different pass.

Refresh Button

The information in the Pen Focus window normally updates itself as bunk calls are made and pens are fed. However, you can click the Refresh button to force it to update the list.

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