Split Feed Delivery Window

If you are splitting a feed delivery from the Daily Feed Detail window, you will use this window to do the split.

When you split a feed delivery, you are asking Fusion to take a portion of the delivered amount and record that it was actually given to a different pen. This is helpful if, for example, the driver fed two pens without tapping Record Weight between them. If a feed delivery needs to be split among more than two pens, you will need to use this feature multiple times, once for each pen.

At the top of the window, the original pen and amount delivered to it are shown.

When you have entered this information, click the Split Delivery button. Fusion will split the delivery into two deliveries. Note that this is not shown as a manual edit in the Daily Feed Detail window since none of the underlying figures have been changed. They have just been moved into two deliveries instead of one.

If you have changed your mind, click the Cancel button.

Getting Here

You can open this window by splitting a feed delivery in the Daily Feed Detail window.

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