Truck Load Reset Window

When Fusion is connected to a scale system, it keeps track of things like the zero point and some offsets that make feeding easier. In normal situations, Fusion automatically zeros the scale and takes care of the offsets. There are some circumstances, however, where Fusion can become confused. For example, if you loaded or unloaded the truck when Fusion was not running. Or if you manually fixed a load where a mistake was made. In these cases you can use this window to let Fusion know what is going on. It should only very rarely be needed.

The Load field can be used to tell Fusion what load is on the truck right now. You can choose from all the loads made in the last couple of days. The Weight field is used to tell Fusion how much weight is on the truck at the moment. Changing the weight is the most common use of this window (although still rare).

Clicking the Quick Empty button simply tells Fusion there is no load on the truck and the weight is zero.

Normally you would tell Fusion what feeding pass you are on in the Mix Load or Pen Focus window, but you can change it here if you would like.

When you have made the changes, click the Change button to apply the changes. Clicking Cancel will close the window without making any changes.

Getting Here

You can open this window by going to Fusion Feed → Feeding → Truck Load Reset in an office computer or Fusion Truck Main Menu → Options → Truck Load Reset in Fusion Truck.