Ration Density Calculator

Understandably, most people don't know the ration density of each ration off the top of their heads. However, most do know a full load size of each ration in a truck. If Fusion knows what a full load is in a truck it can calculate the density because it also knows the capacity of the truck. This window can be used to have Fusion figure out the density for you.

Choose a truck where you know the full load size for this ration. It doesn't matter which truck you choose—this is simply so that Fusion has a known capacity to use in the formula. Then enter the size of a full load of this ration version in that truck. Fusion then looks up the capacity of this truck and calculates the density based on the following formula:

Density = Max Load Size ÷ Truck Capacity

Just to be clear, you do not need to use this window to calculate the density for every truck. The whole point is to come up with a number (the density) that is independent of any truck.

Getting Here

This window opens when you use the Calculate Density… button in the Ration Edit window.

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