Ration Edit Window

This window is where you create and edit rations and their formulations. Each ration you deal with may have several versions so that the ration can change over time without having to change the ration name.

Ration Fields

Ration Versions

Ration versions are based on a date, so you cannot have more than one ration version per day. Click the + button (or the Copy button with a selected version) to create a new ration version. The Version Date field will default to today's date (or the next available one in the future if already taken).

warning icon Unless you are just fixing a mistake, you should always create a new version when the ration formulation changes instead of just changing the current formulation. This way you have a full history of changes over time.

You can delete a version with the - button. If you delete a ration version, it won't affect the history of any loads created with that ration version in the past. However, you should not normally delete ration versions unless you are trying to fix a mistake.

Ration Version Fields

Ration Formulation

To add an ingredient to the ration formulation, click the + button and choose the ingredient from the resulting list. The ingredient will be added with a default percentage such that the total is 100%. You can then change this percentage and add more ingredients. To remove an ingredient, select it and click the - button.

To change the percentage for an existing ingredient, Double-Click the percentage value. Or, select an ingredient and click the Make 100% button to have Fusion change the value so that the whole ration equals 100%. To change an ingredient, Right-Click the name and choose a different ingredient.

When you make a load with this ration, Fusion will expect the ingredients to be added to the load in the order they are in this window. To change the order, drag and drop a row into a new position.

Unlocking a Ration Version

When you view an existing ration version, it will be locked. This is to prevent accidental changes. Remember that most of the time you should be making a new version, not editing an old one. In the rare times when you need to edit an existing ration version, you will need to click the (lock button) button to unlock the version first.

Ration Information

Click the gear button to open other windows which show ration related information. The Ration Info window shows a synopsis of information pertaining to this ration version. The Equivalent Basis window shows the formulation converted to the other basis (as fed to dry matter or visa versa) based on selected parameters.

Getting Here

You can open this window by going to Fusion Feed → Rations → New Ration or by creating or editing a ration from the Ration List window.

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