Ration Info Window

This windows shows you a quick synopsis of information for the selected ration version.

Ration Information

The fields in this area are based on the date and location chosen at the top of the window. For example, pricing may change from day to day or be different at other locations. You can change the location or the date and the information in this area will immediately be updated. The Version Start Date and Version End Date buttons are shortcuts that set the date to the first or last date the version was used. This is helpful since it doesn't make sense to look at information for a ration version outside its usage dates.

tip icon Note that the information in this area is calculated as if a perfectly formulated load were built.

Total Amount of this Ration Version Fed...

This area shows the total amount of this ration version that was fed over time. This is based on feed delivered to pens, not loads made. Fusion shows this on both dry matter and as fed basis and for each location.

Note that the date and location set at the top of this window do not affect the information in this area. Fusion always shows this area based on the entire time this version was used.

Getting Here

This window opens when you use choose gear → Ration Info in the Ration Edit window.

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