Ration List Window

This window is where all the rations are listed.

This window has the following menu buttons available. (See the List Windows topic to learn more about list windows in general.)

Getting Here

You can open this window by going to Fusion Feed → Rations → List Rations.

List Description

This is a list of rations that can be fed. Each ration can have many different versions of itself as the formulation changes over time, so you can keep the same name. Rations can be available for all locations or constrained to just one location. When a load is mixed, the ration formulation is used to figure out the target amount for each ingredient, but billing is always based on actual ingredients quantities in a load. For this reason pricing is always associated with ingredients, not rations.

Field Display Speed Description
Is Currently Used Normal This field will be "Yes" if the ration can currently be used. If you don't want a ration to be used for a period of time or at all anymore, this field will be "No". Rations should not be deleted as they are needed for history.
Ration Name Normal The name of the ration.
Location Normal If this field is blank, the ration can be used at all locations. If a location is specified, the ration can only be fed at that location.
Pass Count Normal Each ration can have it's own pass set up. This means that you can specify, for each ration, how many passes you want it fed in and the target percentage for each pass. For example, when animals receive this ration you may want the to be fed 40% in the morning and 60% in the afternoon. In that case the pass count would be 2 because there are two passes.
Pass Info Slow This field will show each pass that is set up along with the target percentage for the pass.
Ration Feed Order Normal By default, when Fusion is figuring out what ration to suggest for the next load, it does so based on the drive order. In other words, it looks for the next pen in the drive order that needs feed for the current pass and uses that ration for the default. However, you can set Fusion up to feed based on a preferred ration order instead. If you do, this field shows where this ration ends up in that order.
Version Date (Current) Very Slow Each ration can have several versions as the formulation changes. You can only define one version per day for each ration, so we designate the version by the date it takes effect. This field shows the version date of the current version.

Note that you can create version with a date in the future. They will not become the current ration version until we get to that date.
Intended Sex (Current) Very Slow Each ration version can be specified to be for Males, Females, or Mixed animals. If you try to assign a ration to a pen where this doesn't match up, you will be warned about the potential problem. This field shows the intended sex of the current version for this ration.
Optimum Mix Seconds (Current) Very Slow For each ration version you can decide how many seconds it should be mixed. When you do, Fusion will record this for the load. This field shows the number of seconds assigned to the current ration version.
Ration Density (Current) Very Slow Fusion needs to know the ration density of each ration version. With this information and knowing the capacity of a truck, it can determine the maximum load size of a particular ration. This field shows the ration density of the current version.
Formula Type (Current) Very Slow Rations can be formulated on a dry matter or as fed basis. This field shows the which way this formulation should be determined for the current version. It will either be "Dry Matter" or "As Fed".

We strongly recommend entering ration formulations on a dry matter basis. This is just as easy to figure out for your nutritionist and it has the advantage of having your rations automatically adjust themselves as the dry matter percentage of each ingredient changes over time.
Dry Matter Percent (Current) Extremely Slow This field shows the dry matter percent of the entire ration (assuming a perfect build) for the current version.
Dry Matter Percent (SSGi_AttributeDate) Extremely Slow This field will calculate the overall dry matter percent for the ration (assuming a perfect build) for the date currently in the SSGi_AttributeDate saved variable which you can change whenever you want.
Note (Current) Very Slow Each version can have a note associated with it. This is the note for the current version.

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