Ration Version List

Each ration can have many versions. This is a list of those versions. A ration can only have one new version per day. You can create a ration version in the future and Fusion will automatically have it become the current ration at the appropriate time.
This list can be only be viewed as a child list.

Field Display Speed Description
Ration Name Normal The name of the ration this version belongs to.
Version Date Normal The date of the version. In other areas of Fusion, ration versions are referred to by their date. This will be the date this version becomes current.
Intended Sex Normal A ration version can be set to be given to Male, Female, or Mixed pens. When you try to assign a ration to a pen during a bunk call where this doesn't match the animals in the pen, Fusion will warn of the potential problem.
Optimum Mix Seconds Normal You can set an optimum number of seconds to mix for this version. If you do, Fusion will record the target and actual mix times for loads of this ration version.
Density Slow You must assign a density value for this ration. Fusion uses this information (and the capacity of the feed truck) to determine how large a full load of this ration version is.
Formula Type Normal Rations can be formulated on a dry matter or as fed basis. This field shows the which way this formulation should be determined for this version. It will either be "Dry Matter" or "As Fed".

We strongly recommend entering ration formulations on a dry matter basis. This is just as easy to figure out for your nutritionist and it has the advantage of having your rations automatically adjust themselves as the dry matter percentage of each ingredient changes over time.
Note Normal Each version can have a note to describe the changes.

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