Daily Feed Sheet Report

If Fusion Truck is not working for some reason, you can use this window to print feed sheets which will help truck drivers manually create loads and deliveries. There is a place for the deliveries to be recorded so they can be manually entered later that day.

warning icon When you must manually enter feed for some reason, always do it on the same day the feeding actually occurred. Waiting until later makes the manual entry much harder and can cause other issues.

Base Reports On

The first step is to choose which pens will be considered when Fusion is creating the feed sheets.

Reports To Print

The next step is to decide which reports you want to print. The batch sheet will print information to help the truck driver know how to mix the rations for several common sizes of loads. The feed sheet will show how much needs to be delivered to each pen and includes a space to record actual deliveries.


The last step is to tell Fusion how to calculate the target delivery amounts for the sheets.


When you have set up the report correctly, click the Print button to print the sheets. Click the Cancel button if you change your mind.

Getting Here

You can open this window by going to Fusion Feed → Reports → Daily Feed Sheet.