NRC Equation Analysis

This window is an internal analysis window which we have decided to expose for those that were interested. However, it is not a regular feature of Fusion and may disappear at any time.

Adjusting the Date Range, Location, Sex, Cattle Type, and In Weight Class options will change the available lots in the left hand list. Only closed lots are available here and the date range specifies lots that closed within the range. You can leave either (or both) dates blank.

The list on the left shows the lots (as specified above) and the difference between the actual out weight and the last weight as calculated with the NRC equations. The closer to zero this value is, the more accurate the NRC equations were. Keep in mind that the NRC equations depend on an accurate starting weight and good values in the Growth Information area of the Lot Edit window. (You can look at a lot's information by Double-Clicking a lot in this list.)

The list on the right summarizes how many of the lots fell within 0-10 lbs, 10-20 lbs, etc. as far as the actual vs NRC out weight difference is concerned. The last column accumulates these percentages so you can see, for example, what percentage of the lots the NRC equations are accurate within 40 lbs.

The middle of the window will graph information for the selected lots. You can select more than one lot if you want, but this can get messy unless you are only looking at one portion of the graph. The left hand y-axis represents the animal's weight over time. The right hand y-axis represents the dry matter/animal for the actual intake and bunk call information. The x-axis is the time in the lot.

Above the graph are a number of checkboxes which you can use to determine what areas of the graph show up. The NRC Growth Curve is the calculated weight for each day of the lot's life based on the NRC equations. The Actual Out Weight shows the weight the animals really were at the end so you can see where these intersect. Keep in mind that the difference between these two is shown in the NRC Diff column in the left hand list. The Actual Intake and Bunk Call checkboxes show these values for the life of the lot relative to the right hand y-axis.

When the Slope From These Days checkbox is checked, the slope based on the specified day range of the NRC Growth Curve will be calculated and then extended to the last day of the lot. Also, the difference between the end of the slope line and the actual out weight as well as the slope value itself is shown below the graph. This is useful in seeing how accurate linear slope type predictions might be for projecting future weights. Currently, Fusion predicts Estimated Slaughter Date by looking at the last 21 days and projecting ahead in this way.

If you are interested in using this window, you may be able to fine tune your lot set up so the NRC equations predict growth more accurately.

Getting Here

You can open this window by going to Fusion Office → Analysis → NRC Equation Analysis.