Customer Invoice

tip icon This window is only briefly documented as it will be replaced with a more flexible invoicing system in the next version or two of Fusion. The underlying report structure for the new invoicing system is mostly in place using the Detail Reports from the Lot Center window, so we encourage their use instead of this window where possible.

This window is used to send out customer invoices. You can define, to a degree, what information is included on an invoice for each customer. To create a new invoice definition, click the Create New Report Options button. In the window that appears you can give the invoice definition a name and then specify which sections should be included. Some section have additional options which you can change.

To edit an existing invoice definition, Shift-Select it from any of the popups that list the definitions.

Report Setup

Printing Invoices

First enter the date range and location for the invoices. Then click the Update Customer List button. Fusion will figure out which customers need to be invoiced during the time period and list them. If you want to specify a particular invoice definition for a customer, select the customer and then choose an invoice definition from the popup to the right of the list. You can also enter an invoice number that will appear on the invoice by Double-Clicking in the Invoice Number column and changing the number.

If you want to see which lots will be included in an invoice for a customer, select the customer and then click the Show Lots button. They will be shown in the Lot list. Note that this is for information only. You can't specify that only certain lots be included in the invoice.

When you are ready to print, you need to select the customers you want to invoice. You can use the Select All button to quickly select all of them. Then click the Print Selected button. Fusion will generate and print all the invoices which can take several minutes.

Getting Here

You can open this window by going to Fusion Office → Customer Report → Customer Invoice.

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