Feedlot Usage Report

This window is used to print the Feedlot Usage report which give an overview of all the feed, drugs, inputs, etc. that were consumed by an entire location for a date range. The report will print various columns of information for each included section to show the quantity of usage and the associated pricing.

When you are ready to print the report, click the Print button. Fusion will generate the report and the print it. The report generation can take several minutes.

Calculated Unit Price Columns

Please note that the calculated unit price column values are calculated based on the total cost/billing and quantity as they are shown on the report. Because it is possible for pricing to change throughout the month, and because of the way rounding occurs, it is possible these values will not exactly reflect the pricing you set for items. See the Billing and Rounding section of Core Concepts for more information.

Column Modification

Please note that it is not possible to modify which columns are included in this report. The report is meant to be a quick way to get at a particular set of information. If you want to customize it further, you can get the same information to print by creating a Print Detail report in the Lot Center window and then combining all lots that were open in the time period you want to print for.

Getting Here

You can open this window by going to Fusion Office → Yard Reports → Feedlot Usage Report.

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