Unbilled Feed Window

As explained in several other documentation pages, a pen's feed deliveries are assigned to lots that are in the pen at midnight on the day of the delivery. This means that if you feed a pen and then ship all the animals out of that pen so it is empty at midnight, the feed delivered that day will not have anywhere to be billed to. Many of our customers simply backdate these affected deliveries so they will be billed against the correct lot. This window simplifies finding these situations.

tip icon Fusion automatically looks for these situations every night and will send a system message to administrators if it finds any un-billed feed for the previous day. You can then use this window to fix the issues.

When you first open the window, the Date field will be set to yesterday's date. You can change it to look at other days if you like. Note that it doesn't make sense to enter today's date unless you know the feeding is done for the day and that no more movements (or in/out cohorts) will take place.

You can also view another location by choosing it from the Location field. Only transitioned locations will appear here.

After you have chosen the date and location, Fusion will list any feed deliveries that were given to pens that ended up empty at the end of that day. To fix one, select it and then use the Edit Delivery or Split Delivery buttons. The most common fix is to use the Edit Delivery button and then backdate the delivery one day.

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Getting Here

You can open this window by going to Fusion Office → Yard Reports → Unbilled Feed.