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Fusion: An Integrated Feedlot Management Solution

Fusion is our flagship product and is designed to make life easier for feedlot owners and operators. Check out some of Fusion’s features below.

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Feeding with Fusion

Because Fusion can read your load cells directly, it records actual ingredient composition for each load. The same is true for feed deliveries, making billing and inventory monitoring more accurate. This also provides history suitable for management, training, and CFIA requirements.

Bunk Calls

Bunk calls can be made from the office or on the fly and are done on a dry matter per animal basis so you don't have to worry about ration and head count changes. Suggested maximum calls are provided as well as automated calls for cattle that are "program fed" to achieve specified rates of gain.

Creating Loads

When you create a load, Fusion is intelligent enough to know what size and ration the load should be (although you can override this easily). If a partial load is on the truck it can be blended into the new ration.

Adding ingredients to a load is as easy as counting to zero. Literally! Fusion knows what order you like to mix your ingredients in and will automatically calculate the ingredient amounts based on the size of the ration you chose. For each ingredient, the scale indicator is automatically set so that as you add ingredient you are always trying to stop as close to zero as you can. Hit Record Weight to record the actual amount you added and move to the next ingredient. With a remote display and a remote control, you can record weights and change ingredients from outside the truck as well.

Delivering Loads

When delivering feed, only pens that require the truck's ration and that still need feed are shown in the list and they are shown in the same order you like to feed. Fusion intelligently calculates how much feed should be delivered to each pen based on the current number of head in the pen and which feed pass you are on. You can set up as many feed passes as you want, each with a percentage of the day's feed to deliver. When you come to a new pen, Fusion will change the scale indicator to show how much ration needs to be dropped off. Just as with mixing loads, you will deliver feed to that pen until you get as close to zero as you can. Hitting Record Weight will record both the target and actual amount dropped off.

Feeding history

Making bunk calls

Mixing a new load

Creating rations

Working with Rations

You can create rations on a dry matter or as fed basis. Of course, ration formulations tend to change over time but Fusion lets you keep the same ration name while creating any number of versions for the ration, each based on a date.

So, for example, if you knew that in three days you wanted to add a different ingredient to a ration you would create a version with the new formulation and date it three days in the future. As trucks feed they will continue to use the current ration for the next two days. On day three, they will automatically begin using the new version.

Chuteside That Keeps Up To You

Chuteside jobs can be set up in the office or started right in the barn. Because Fusion is connected to your scale, RFID reader, temperature probe, and other equipment, it can intelligently determine what you are doing and record your actions for many jobs without anyone having to touch the computer. The other jobs only require a few touches with your finger to record what is happening.

You can customize what information is shown during each job including which windows are shown, their placement, and custom information. Custom information includes things like an animal's treatment history, withdrawal history, and pen history. It also includes other information about the animal and the job itself—over 150 data points are available to be shown.

Defining Job Templates

A chuteside job is based on a template or job definition which is highly customizable. To create a template you add a series of subjobs, each with its own options on how to behave. Subjobs include actions such as getting the animal's weight and giving it a drug or a tag.

Powerful Sorting Capabilities

Perhaps one of the most powerful aspects of Fusion is its ability to sort animals during a job in almost limitless ways. A job can have multiple sort protocols running at the same time. Each sort protocol will place the animal in one of several sort groups based on the sort criteria you set up. There are over 150 data points that you can choose from to sort on and you can combine as many of these criteria as you want into a single sort protocol.

These sorting capabilities, along with other powerful features in Fusion, make it a premier solution if you are moving toward individual animal management.

A chuteside job in action

Defining a job template

Setting up a sort with multiple criteria

Defining sort group actions

Defining a treatment protocol

Treatment Protocols

Treating animals appropriately is an important part of the feedlot business. With Fusion you can essentially pour your vet's knowledge of how to treat an animal in almost any situation into your treatment protocols. Then, during a treatment job the animal just needs to be correctly diagnosed and Fusion will pick the best treatment protocol based on things like weight, temperature, and cattle type.

Of course, if the person treating has the proper permissions, the treatment protocol can be overridden when the situation calls for it.

Animal History

Fusion keeps track of over 100 points of data for each animal. It also remembers historical information including everything from each chuteside job the animal was in, all treatment related history including withdrawal information, feed related withdrawals, and movement history.

All this information can be available at a glance during chuteside jobs. You can also access it in several ways from the office any time you like. With this much information available, you can manage individual animals like never before.

A listing of animals

Part of an individual animal's history

Scale ticket listing

Commodity Management

Do you contract your commodity purchases from several sources? Then Fusion has you covered. Create as many contracts as you like and then apply delivered loads to each contract. Fusion can tell you how much of each contract has been filled and when it is finished.

Fusion will handle printing checks and invoices and will also help you set your ration ingredient pricing based on commodity activity during the month if you like.

The Lot Center

Fusion is built to excel at individual animal management, but we realize that much of what happens at most feedlots is based around the lot. Fusion can deftly handle this level as well and the Lot Center is where you view all the information pertaining to a lot.

You can print feedlot and lot level reports which can be customized to your liking. Customer invoices can be printed from this window. There is also a very powerful comparison feature that allows you to compare hundreds of data points between two lots or groups of lots.

The Lot Center shows complete close out information for all closed lots without having to print a report. Fusion even calculates a "pretend" closeout for all open lots each night so you can view that information as well.

The Lot Center listing

The Lot Center detail area

An example of a custom report

An example of a canned report

Custom Reporting

While Fusion does offer some basic canned reports, most of your reporting will be done with reports you customize for your own needs. With powerful report editing capabilities you should be able to create almost any report you need. If you find one you can't create let us know about it and we'll see if we can add it to our list of canned reports!

Almost anything you can show in a customized report can be viewed live on screen as well. Using this powerful feature means you can often find information you need faster and save the expense of printing at the same time. But if you do need to print, you have the option of printing to a printer or saving as a file or to the clipboard. Choose one of the latter if you want to throw the data into a spreadsheet to perform further analysis.

Fine Grained Permissions Control

Each person accessing Fusion at your feedlot has their own user name and password. You have fine grained control over every action each person is allowed to perform. You can even set up a user for a consulting vet or nutritionist and use the permission control to restrict them to the information you desire.

Fine grained permissions

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Meet the Whole Family

Fusion Installer is an application we provide which takes care of installing and upgrading the Fusion related applications. It also has several utilities which can be used to troubleshoot and fix problems.

Fusion Server is the application that houses all your data and communicates that data to the office, chuteside, and truck computers. Fusion Server is very low maintenance. In fact, you will likely never need to worry about it since in the unlikely event that there is a problem we will be notified and take care of it—often before you are aware of it.

Fusion Client is used in the offices and at chuteside and you can have as many copies of Fusion Client as you need.

Fusion Truck runs on the computers in the feed trucks and wirelessly synchronizes feeding data with the server several times a day. You can have as many trucks as you need as well.

All of the Fusion family will run on either Macintosh or Windows based computers as long as they meet our minimum requirements. In fact, you can have a mixture of Mac and Windows computers and Fusion will run just fine. All features are available on both platforms.

One of the nice things about Fusion is that it is easy to stay current with the latest version. We tend to release new versions several times each year and Fusion will notify you when it has detected a new version. For most upgrades you can just tell Fusion when you want to upgrade and it will automatically take care of upgrading Fusion Server, Fusion Client, and Fusion Truck. In the rare cases where an auto upgrade will not work, other alternatives are very simple which makes keeping up with the latest features a snap.

Our Philosophy

We hope that a look at a few of the main features of Fusion has interested you. We would also like to acquaint you with our philosophy since it directly affects the software we build.

You Own the Data

The motto or tagline we chose to associate with our company name is "putting you in control of your data". We feel very strongly that you should own your own data and that we should not have access to it except for technical support situations when we have your permission. You have your own copy of Fusion Server which runs on a computer in your own office so we don't have access to it except as previously noted. We also provide multiple ways for you to get your data out of Fusion where you can work with it in other tools. In the event that you want to stop using Fusion in the future, we will help you dump all of your data into industry standard files for use elsewhere.

True Integration

Fusion was built from the ground up to be one product, not several products that try to communicate with each other. For example, the chuteside portion and the feed portion of Fusion are not actually different applications. They are part of the same application. We feel this is important because each area of Fusion can be more helpful to you if it has immediate access to every other part of Fusion. For example, if the weigh system doesn't work during a chuteside job, Fusion will automatically retrieve the average pen weight from other areas of Fusion for the animal in the squeeze in order to calculate the dosage requirements of a drug. With Fusion, you never have to import/export between modules or reenter information.

Real Time, Accurate Data Collection

When we began creating Fusion we recognized that all the management tools in the world offer little value if the data behind them is inaccurate. Inaccuracies can come from a worker in too much of a hurry, a secretary who mistypes or misreads handwritten information, and a host of other possibilities in an operation as complex and hurried as your feedlot.

As a result our initial focus with Fusion was to deliver software that collects accurate data in real time and in a way that encourages your workers to use the system rather than wish it didn't exist. With touchscreen computers in every feed truck wirelessly synchronizing with the main system, touchscreen computers beside each squeeze, and multiple office computers all tied together in real time, data is always collected in the correct place at the correct time and with very little effort. In fact, Fusion works so hard to help workers with their job that it is usually faster to use Fusion than to do it by hand! The majority of the data collected by Fusion is fully automatic so there is very little data entry.

This focus on accurate data collection provides a perfect base for reporting and analysis tools which are more helpful because the data they are based on is more correct that it normally would be.

Customization and Ease of Use

We feel that software should work with you and that you shouldn't have to conform your operation to the software. For this reason we have tried very hard to make Fusion as easy and intuitive to use as possible. Although we are currently working to get all of Fusion well documented, we found that most of Fusion is so easy to use that our customers are able to use it with very little training.

We have also made it so you can customize Fusion to a very large degree. You can define your own list of drugs, breeds, colors, treatment protocols, etc. We realize that this means more time to get Fusion setup for your operation, but feel that having a product tailored for your feedlot is worth it.

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How To Learn More About Fusion

Because of the way Fusion works with so many pieces of hardware, we have found that the best way to see how Fusion works is to see it in action. If you are interested, please contact us to arrange a live demo. Also, feel free to get in touch for pricing information.

High Level Installation Overview

Click the High Level Installation Overview picture to get an idea of typical setup possibilities. This is an example of information available in our Resource Guide which is intended to help you get set up. We don't sell or support hardware ourselves, but we are very willing to work with any qualified individuals or companies you choose to ensure the best possible setup. This includes computers, networking, scale systems, RFID readers, and other hardware necessary for Fusion to run. Feel free to see the Resource Guide for detailed information.

High Level Installation Overview