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Symmetry is a CCIA replication utility for age verification information. Learn more about how it works below.

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Age Verification When You Need It

The internet can be a wonderful tool, but you have probably experienced the frustration of having it stop working just when you needed it most! If you have experienced this when trying to retrieve age verification information Symmetry may be the tool for you. It stays up to date by pulling down any new information from the CCIA database each night, keeping a local copy of all age verification information on your computer.

Symmetry stays up to date in the background

List of age verified animals

Setting up your account

Retrieving Information

You can manually look up information for an animal in Symmetry if you need to, but the best way is to have your feedlot software talk directly with Symmetry when it needs information. This process is very fast as Symmetry can handle age verifying hundreds of animals per second. We'd like to see you process animals that fast!


All you need to make Symmetry work is to have a CCIA account with the proper security options turned on. In your feedlot software you will need to set things up so it uses Symmetry instead of trying to reach the CCIA servers directly. In Fusion this is as simple as checking a checkbox.

Pricing and Availability

Symmetry is priced at $1800, although if you use Fusion we will give you a $600 discount. This is a one time purchase as all foreseeable upgrades will be free.

Installation of Symmetry usually needs to be done in person as the initial files to get started are very large. However, if you are located a long distance from us, we will arrange alternatives for getting Symmetry to you.

Symmetry will work on Macintosh and Windows based computers. See the minimum requirements or contact us for other details.

Third Party Developers Welcome

If you develop software and would like your software to work with Symmetry, please contact us. The developer API is very simple and can be file or TCP based. The API documentation is available in the third party docs section of our website.