SSG Service Providers

Need help setting up and maintaining equipment necessary for Fusion to work? Consider getting help from one of these service providers.

Fusion is dependent on computers, operating systems, network, and other devices all working properly. We are only able to help with Fusion itself so the setup and maintenance of everything else must be left up to others.

Possibly you or your staff will be able to handle this. If not, we recommend choosing someone local, where possible, since it is difficult to troubleshoot and repair physical devices from a distance. We are happy to have a conversation about Fusion's requirements with anyone you choose. Our Resource Guide will also answer many of the questions they may have.

We keep a list of companies that have experience with one or more aspects of this and are willing to take on more clients.

Company Contact Info Based From Computer Purchase Computer Install and Maintenance Network Equipment Purchase Network Equipment Setup and Maintenance Device Purchase Device Install, Setup, Maintenance
Altis MSP Colin Seely
Lethbridge, AB
Dare Technology Inc. James Middleton
Picture Butte, AB
KFJ Sullivan Pty Ltd Patrick Sullivan
0428 331 159
Brisbane QLD AUS
Still Technical Services Ray Still
Raymond, AB

If you would like to become an SSG Service Provider, please contact us to learn about the necessary qualifications.