TeamViewer Server Install

Click the button below to install a special version of TeamViewer that will allow us to support Fusion Server. Note that if you already have a copy of TeamViewer installed, you must uninstall it first. Instructions for what options to choose during the installation are below.

Remote Server Support Remote Server Support

Step 1

After you click the button above, you will probably be asked if you want to run or save the file. Choose to run it. If you aren't given this choice, you will need to find the file after it has been downloaded and double-click it to start the installation.

Step 2

As the installer launches, you may see a window like the following. If so, click the Yes button.

Step 3

In this window just click the Next button.

Step 4

Choose the Company/Commercial use option and then click the Next button.

Step 5

Check the license agreement checkbox and click the Next button.

Please note that there is a pause of several seconds after step 5 where it looks like nothing is happening. Please be patient at this point. If you wait longer than about 30 seconds and still don't see the window in step 6, check to see if it has appeared behind other windows you have open.

Step 6

Click the Next button.

Step 7

Enter the name of your feedlot and add "Server" at the end. Also enter the password which we give you. Then click the Next button.

Step 8

Click the Finish button.

Step 9

Click the Allow and finish button.

Step 10

Click the OK button.

Step 11

Notify us that you have just installed TeamViewer on your server and let us know the name you used so we can update our records and test that the installation worked correctly.